Emergency Room, Sick & Exam results ~ Situation Sunday

It’s Sunday and another week has passed. We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and I wish it would snow outside. But we are stuck with 8 degrees Celsius and cloudy weather. I have just seen the sun for a couple of hours this week.

As you know I been home sick this week. All week, so I have missed the first two lectures of my new course, but I have maxing friends that have sent me their notes. And this week last two classes were cancelled because the professor got sick. And that’s fine by me because that means I hopefully am not sick when they are rescheduled. 

If you read my post from Monday night, you know my husband had to go to the Emergency Room, but the doctors think it was just his cold and fever that was the problem. He is still not okay. And I am actually still worried about him. He hates going to the doctor, but I feel like I might have to convince him to go next week if he doesn’t get better. 

Oracle and Zelda on a walk this week

I got some amazing news on Tuesday afternoon, but I will share that with you in another post later on. Right now I just want to keep it secret for a little while longer. But it’s about the same thing that I wrote a post about for a couple of weeks ago. You can read it here.

And as you might have read on Wednesday, my husband and I had been together for 12 years that day. We did not calibrate because we both were sick so we will do that another day.

My husband and I in autumn 2007.

Friday I went to my grandmother’s house to start going through the things that we are dividing between my father, my uncle, my brother and me. My grandmother passed away in August, and my father and uncle have been going through her house for about two months now dividing things between them and now they thought it was my brother and my time to see if we wanted anything after her and my grandfather. It was really hard being there and going through her things. I miss her so much. But I am thankful for all the memories and that I get to keep some things as a memory after her. I am going back today to look at some more things and see my uncle.

And this afternoon my husband and I are eating dinner with my mother, my father, my brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew at my parent’s apartment. 

I also got the news on Friday, that I passed my Statistic Exam. I am so happy. Now I can focus fully on my Law course and place the statistic books in my bookshelf. And hopefully, I will never study Statistics again. 

This weeks posts are:

I hope everyone have an fantastic Sunday.

Love, Nea

Assignments & Man-cold ~ Situation Sunday

It Sunday again and tomorrow I will start a new course. I am going to read an introduction to law. I have to go to campus 4 days out of 5 this week. But I will probably not get to campus tomorrow because I got my husbands Man-cold.

My husband got home early from work on Monday and has since then been home with the cold. He’s feeling better now, but I am not. I have a high fever and absolutely no energy.

This week has been full of schoolwork. The last of my Statistic Course. But now I am hopefully done with that. My group had our opposition on out assignment on Thursday and it went well.

On Friday I went shopping with my mother. We bought clothes and I started thinking about Christmas presents. It was after the shopping trip that I got my fever. And I hate the timing because yesterday I was supposed to go to a self-defence class, but I had to stay at home instead.

I am trying to stay updated on the fires in Malibu. I am sending prayers to all the people and the animals in the area. I just have to say that Whitney Cummings is a hero and inspiration for trying to save as many animals as possible. I know that a lot of people are helping and I am so grateful that we have kind and caring people like them in the world.

Now I am going to get some rest.

Love, Nea


Exam, surgery and winter tires – Situation Sunday

So I decided to try a new kind of Situation Sunday because I feel like my old ones weren’t really what I wanted to share with you. I will probably write some news from around the world on Situation Sunday, but it will mostly be about my week and my thoughts in the future. If you don’t have any requests.

This week have been eventful. And I will share bits of it with you.

On Monday I had my Statistics Exam from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. I feel like I have a very slim chance of getting a passing grade on that exam, so I will probably have to take it again in December. And for that, I am really sad, but I did my best and my head wasn’t really in the game so to say.

On Monday afternoon my husband underwent surgery. It’s a surgery we have waited for a couple of months and it was nice that it was finally happening. But the surgery was postponed from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to 2 in the afternoon. When I talked to him after my test he said that they also had some delays. I went to his work to eat some lunch and wait for the operation to finish because I was driving him home. His operation started at 3 o’clock in the end. But now its done. And it went well and he is now recovering.

It’s been snowing some here at the beginning of the week and in Sweden, you need to have winter tires on your car between 1 of December to the 31 of Mars. But you need to have winter tires on before that if there are ice and snow on the roads before that. And my husband’s car is a company car that didn’t have winter tires so on Monday I had my parents car and also on Tuesday. On Wednesday my husband got new winter tires on his car but now it’s not cold out anymore. I am hoping for the cold to get back soon. I want to have winter in November and December.

My husband needs to take it easy after his surgery and should not lift things or take it easy. So this week I have tried to make life as easy for him as possible and made sure that he doesn’t lift things. And that has been hard to do because he does not like sitting still. He likes being active.

Last Sunday we place a bid on a kitchen table and 6 chairs from an auction that my mother-in-law’s boyfriend runs. We only saw pictures of it but it looked really nice and my mother-in-law went to the action and saw it so we trusted her judgment. And I am so glad that we did. Because we won so now we have a new kitchen table and chairs. The set is so much better than any set we have watched on furniture stores. Flash forward to this Wednesday when we got the delivery of the furniture. My brother came to help us with the lifting, but we couldn’t get somebody else, so my husband decides that he will carry the table with my brother, even tho he should not do that. At the end after a lot of bickering between my husband and me, and then between my husband and my mother-in-law, she came and helped my brother and me in with the table and chairs. And I am so grateful for her and my brothers help.

Our new table and 4 of the 6 chairs.

And yesterday I spent the whole day in bed because I was not feeling well. And I am really sad because we were going to meet my mother-in-law’s boyfriends daughter and her family. Something I had been looking forward to, but I will just have to meet them another day.

Now that some parts from my eventful week. I didn’t write anything about my mental health struggles this week, that is not because I didn’t have any but because I feel like I don’t need to share it with you today. I more or less always fighting with my anxiety and my panic attacks, but I don’t want it to be my entire life. I will write about it in other posts in the future just not today. Today is a good day.

I hope you don’t mind me changing Situation Sunday. And that you have an amazing week to come!

Love, Nea

Situation Sunday ~ October 28

It’s time for Situation Sunday. I haven’t really been that observant on what is happening around me this week, because all my focus has been on my exam tomorrow. But this is what I have seen in the news:

Bombs have been sent to George Soros, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Robert de Niro, Joe Biden and Maxine Waters. And more could be on the way according to the FBI.                                                                                                            What all these people have in common is that they have been outspoken about President Trump and from what I can understand President Trump has said something about each and every one of them to the press. (source about the bombs) (Source about the bombs)

Ethiopia gets its first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde. She has earlier been an ambassador in multiple countries and has been working for the UN in Nairobi. (source)   My opinion is that this is great. We need more woman in power around the world. I am looking forward to seeing what she is going to do with her leadership.

Same-sex penguin couple Sphen and Magic, in Sea-Life aquarium in Sidney, has been given the opportunity to adopt an egg from another couple that had two. (source)               I think this is really cute and a good initiative from the aquarium. I love penguins and I really hope I get to see some in real life sometime.

So that’s it for this weeks Situation Sunday. Hopefully, I have more to share with you next week.

I hope you have an amazing Sunday!

Love, Nea




Situation Sunday ~ October 21

This week I haven’t really been all that interested in what’s been going on around the world because I have a sick dog and very little sleep. Plus I have had my classes on campus to deal with.

But some news I have gotten is that Congratulations are in order for Price Harry and Dutchess Meghan. They are expecting a baby Spring 2019. I say it on Kensingtonroyals Instagram. Here is a snapshot of the announcement.

@kensingtonroyal announcement about the baby on Instagram

I like these kinds of news, but I have read that people are discussing if the baby is going to be born around Brexit and what’s going to get the most attention.

Prince Harry and Dutchess Meghan are in Australia for a tour and The Invictus Games. For those of you who don’t know what The Invictus Games are; it’s a multi-sports event for injured, hurt or sick military and veterans that Prince Harry started 2014.

“The Invictus Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women.” ~Quote from The Invictues Games website.

I love this. I think it’s amazing and I hope to see more news about the games.

I have also read a bit about Brexit. Yesterday there was a demonstration in London against Brexit. According to DN.se where there about half a million people protesting. I don’t live in U.K. and I don’t really know what I think about Brexit, because I am not well read on the subject. I just now that many people have very strong opinions about it. We just have to wait and see.

I have also read about Taylor Swifts political stance and how she now has started telling people to vote. I know she shared this message on her Instagram last week:

Screenshot from Taylor Swifts Instagram

And this week she shared this on her Instagram:

Screenshot from Taylor Swifts Instagram

And this on her Stories:

Screenshot from Taylor Swifts Stories on Instagram

I think it’s great. We need more women that stand up for there beliefs and I think that Taylor can get through to so many people in America so some people how maybe wasn’t going to vote now is voting. And that’s good.

I don’t care that she hasn’t been outspoken about her political standpoint before. I just glad that she is now.

Situation Sunday, October 14

So a lot of things are spinning in my head. So much has happened these last few weeks. It feels like the world is in chaos. With the extreme weather situation around the world. Judge Kavanaugh being sworn into office.

I am starting to wonder what is happening? I thought something like this would never happen after #MeToo. I am not claiming to be the best judge of things like this but I am surprised at the outcome of the vote. But I have read that many more people have become registered to vote in Novembers election.

Like you know, I don’t live in America. But this still affected me. We have #MeToo here in Sweden and I am scared that the change we need is not coming. At least not as fast as we want it to. I hate being afraid to walk alone at night. I want to feel safe in this world.

The weather around the world is also making me scared. I don’t remember there being as much extreme weather when I grew up. It feels like no one is really taking the situation seriously. IPCC has realised their 2018 report, but I have not read about it anywhere. But now that I googled it, some information came up.

I am trying to think more about what I am buying, like organic food and to have bags with me when I go grocery shopping. And to not wast things. I donate my clothes to people how need them when I can’t wear them anymore. And I try to not buy useless things. We eat vegetarian food at least once a week. I walk to the store instead of taking the car. I know I can do so much more and I am trying to be better.

What are you doing for the world to be better? Both for the people and the environment?

On another note. I missed World Mental Health day, but I am writing a post about that and posting it later.

This post was more ranting than anything else and I am sorry for that. I just want to share my concerns about the world.