World Mental Health Day

I totally missed that October 10th was World Mental Health Day 2018. Don’t really know how? But I am doing a post on it now instead.

What I really want to share with all of you about Mental Health is that is no shame in having problems with your mental health. More people than you know have problems with their mental health and I wish more people talked about it.

I remember when I started going to a psychologist when I was about 14 years old and so many people had a problem with me talking about it. I should stay quiet and not talk about it. So I that’s what I did. I felt ashamed over how I was feeling and that affected me for a really long time.

Then when I started getting my panic attacks, big ones, when I was 17 I didn’t want to talk to anybody about it. I was ashamed over it. But I got help and started understanding that it wasn’t anything to be ashamed over. Both through my family and celebrities that have been very open about their mental health problems.

I started telling people that I had been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and panic disorder. I was told by a teacher when I finally came back to High School after being home sick for about a year, that I should be locked up in an insane asylum. That I was a danger to everyone around me. That only made me angrier and more determined to share with everyone.

My husband has always been by my side in all of this and when I told him that I wanted to start a blog to share my life with people he helped me get it started. He knows all about my fears and he still loves me. And I am worth that love.

I now that there are a lot of people out there that doesn’t have the support that I have had. But just remember that you are loved and it will get better with time. Just keep fighting! And you are not alone.

And to you who have a person with mental health problems in your life. Don’t try to fix it all. Just listen to them. Love them and be there for them.

Love, Nea




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