Hi Everyone!

I been kind of MIA for months and it sucks. I have been wanting to come on here to write for a long time, but the truth is that I have not really know what to write. My mental health has declined and I been fighting like crazy just to get up out of bed most days. I will not go into too much detail at this post, but I been struggling and even though I have wanted to share this with you I have not had the energy. I am slowly getting better, or at least it feels like that. But I am still struggling and fighting. I am also waiting to see a psychologist. There are long queues all over Sweden, probably since the pandemic caused a lot of peoples mental health took a hit from it.

I am going to try and be more active here, but I will probably talk more about my struggles and it might be triggering for some. I will try and write warnings before I do, but I might forget.

Just remember that even though you are struggling with your health, you are still worthy of love and happiness. It might feel like you are all alone in the world, but I promise you that you are not,

Write to you soon again,

Love Nea


Tuesday Truths

As some of you might have noticed I did not post a Motivational Monday post yesterday. I just did not have the time or energy. I have been working hard on my mental health and trying to keep my head over water. But it is though and I am struggling. I want this blog to be uplifting and help people. However, I still feel like being honest is the best thing I can do.

I hope you all can be understanding that I will post on here when I want and when I have the time. So far 2022 has been stressful, messy, sad and great at the same time. I have more emotions then I thought was possible. I am trying my best to keep it all together and just move forward.

I wish you all a fantastic week! And what ever you are going through! YOU GOT THIS!

Love, Nea

Motivational Monday ~ 7th of March

The world is still a mess, but I figured that we all might need some motivation. I have a full week ahead of me with schoolwork and housework. Last week I kind of just logged out from everything, including doing the laundry. My heart goes out to all people living in war areas, I know that there are more places than Ukraine that are affected and I can’t get my head around the fact that we are living in 2022 and that there is no peace in the world. I have no words.

If you are like me and it all feels kind of helpless and you need some motivation and hope, then maybe you too need a motivational quote. It was hard finding a quote for today, seeing as so many of them seem so one-dimensional given all that is happening. In the end, I went with one that is my favorite. I hope you like it.

I hope this helps you find some hope. I know I hope that war will end, peace will come to all on earth and that we will make it through this year and be better people after it’s done.

Now I am going to try and do some studying.

Love, Nea


It’s Monday again and with everything going on in the world, I just don’t feel like writing a motivational Monday post. I am trying to keep up with the news and my thoughts are with all the people fleeing and fighting. I know a lot of people in Russia do not want this war and that it’s not their fault. I hope you all try to be kind to one another.

I don’t really know what else to write. I just feel sad today, or well, I have felt sad for a few days now. Sorry for not giving you all any motivation today. Hopefully this conflict will be solved soon and war will be over.

Love, Nea

Motivational Monday ~ 14th of February

Monday again and it’s Valentine’s Day. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day in my family. My husband and I usually stay in and just enjoy each other’s company. This year will not be any different since I have been sick for almost a week. Got a bad cold and just have no energy at all.

However, I still wanted to do a Motivational Monday quote. I love the tv-series The Good Place and it’s that show that I thought about today when I was going to do this post.

What I am trying to say with this is just do your best. Work on yourself and make yourself the best version of yourself. Try not to compare yourself to others. You are perfect as you are and don’t need to be like everyone else.

This was maybe not the best post I have written, and I blame it on the fever. But anyway Happy Valentine’s day and I hope you have a fantastic week.

Love, Nea

Motivational Monday ~ 7th February

Monday again and the sun is shining. I have already had a productive day and it makes me happy. I decided to start this week in the best possible way by just starting doing things that needed to be done. I wrote a list yesterday of what I needed to do this week and I have already tackled 5 things, which makes me really happy. I remembered this morning a quote I read the other day, which motivated me a lot. So that will be this week’s motivational quote.

I try to get more things done than just talking about doing things. It’s hard but when I do the things I talked about I feel happier and free. I can do anything I set my mind to and I know you can too. I am working hard on getting my degree, but also challenging my mental health and improving. It’s hard getting out of bed some days, but by doing that and getting things done I feel better. I know I will have off days, we all do. But the days I get things done helps, even with my off days, cause I know I can get back to getting things done.

I wish you all a magical week and remember you can do this!

Love, Nea

Motivational Monday ~ 31 January

It’s the last of January 2022 and I can’t believe we are already a month into 2022. It feels like 2021 was yesterday, but a lot of things have happened so far this year. I will not tell you all, but I am feeling happy and looking forward to a lot of new challenges.

I had some problems deciding this week’s motivational quote, which is the reason I am posting so late. But I finally found a good one, or at least I think its a good one.

I think it’s important to remember that you can’t be happy all the time, mostly happy yes, but things happen. And it’s okay to feel down and sad. There is nothing wrong with you. I also think it’s important to remember that you can’t always have a life full of rainbows. To get there you might need to go through some rain. There will be hard times. You will have to work hard. But I believe in you and know you can get there.

Now I need to work on my assignment that is due on Wednesday.

I wish you all an amazing week!

Love, Nea

Motivational Monday ~ January 24

Good morning! It’s Monday again and a lot of things happened last week. Some good, some less good, but I am starting this week with a positive and motivated mind. I am going to crush this week and get all the things I plan to get done.

Today’s motivational quotes are from one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis, growing up. I loved reading Narnia and I still enjoy the story a lot. When I saw this quote the other day, I knew I needed to use it someday in my motivational Monday post, and I thought today would be the perfect day.

I think it’s important to understand that dreams and goals change, because we evolve. I do not have the same dreams and goals as I did growing up. Some of my dreams and goals have even changed since last year. Because we evolve. Things happen and that changes everything. Sometimes it might be hard letting go of a dream or a goal, but sometimes that might be just what you need. One of my therapists once told me to sit down at least once every year and try and look over my goals and dreams and ask myself. Do I really want this? Have my dreams changed? Am I holding onto something that I don’t want anymore?

This quote motivates me as well, since I know that I can change my goals and dreams. I can do anything I want and it is never too late.

I wish you all a fantastic week!

Love, Nea

Motivational Monday ~ January 17

First post of 2022. I have been planning to post for the last 17 days, but just have not had the energy or motivation. I have been taking it kind of easy these first weeks of 2022. Charging my batteries. A lot has already happened this year and I am still working on my mental health. I think it’s important to remember that mental health is something you need to take care of, it takes time, but it is important to give yourself the time to take care of yourself.

However, this post is a motivational post or at least trying to be. A person who I looked up to a lot, and still look up to, passed in the end of 2021. And I wanted to celebrate her, especially today, on what would have been her 100th birthday. This is why I choose this quote for today’s motivational quote.

I think it’s important to try and remember to laugh. To find the time to laugh at yourself or situations. I know it’s hard. Especially with so much shit going around in the world. However, Covid not going anywhere, if I have gotten it right, and we just have to make the best of what we got. So try and be happy. Make and do things that make you happy. Spend some extra time on yourself, even if it’s just five minutes of extra self-care in the morning. Because you are worth it!

Now I am going to get started on my day. I am starting four new classes today.

Last day of 2021

It’s kind of scary to say goodbye to 2021. What can we expect from 2022? The restrictions have become stricter again in Sweden and I know that the Covid numbers are up. But I think we just have to keep doing our best and keep on moving forward.

My year has been both good and bad, but I am not giving up. I have made a lot of progress since I had my big meltdown at the end of May, and I know I still have a long way to go. But as long as I am working on it there is nothing wrong with taking it slow. I am going to get through this.

I am very thankful for my friends and family that have supported me this year. They have been there for me through it all and I can’t explain how much I love them and how safe they have made me feel. My husband has been especially supportive. He has been there through my worst and not left me. I know that might sound strange to write, but so many times during the year, I was so insecure and thought this it is. He will leave me. But instead, he just kept loving me and being what I needed. So if you are reading this Darling, thank you. I love you!

I am both looking forward and dreading 2022. There are so many things that are up in the air for me, but with my husband by my side I know I can get through it all.

I wish you all a fantastic 2022! And A Happy New Year!

Love, Nea