Motivational Monday ~ 7th of March

The world is still a mess, but I figured that we all might need some motivation. I have a full week ahead of me with schoolwork and housework. Last week I kind of just logged out from everything, including doing the laundry. My heart goes out to all people living in war areas, I know that there are more places than Ukraine that are affected and I can’t get my head around the fact that we are living in 2022 and that there is no peace in the world. I have no words.

If you are like me and it all feels kind of helpless and you need some motivation and hope, then maybe you too need a motivational quote. It was hard finding a quote for today, seeing as so many of them seem so one-dimensional given all that is happening. In the end, I went with one that is my favorite. I hope you like it.

I hope this helps you find some hope. I know I hope that war will end, peace will come to all on earth and that we will make it through this year and be better people after it’s done.

Now I am going to try and do some studying.

Love, Nea


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