Motivational Monday ~ January 24

Good morning! It’s Monday again and a lot of things happened last week. Some good, some less good, but I am starting this week with a positive and motivated mind. I am going to crush this week and get all the things I plan to get done.

Today’s motivational quotes are from one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis, growing up. I loved reading Narnia and I still enjoy the story a lot. When I saw this quote the other day, I knew I needed to use it someday in my motivational Monday post, and I thought today would be the perfect day.

I think it’s important to understand that dreams and goals change, because we evolve. I do not have the same dreams and goals as I did growing up. Some of my dreams and goals have even changed since last year. Because we evolve. Things happen and that changes everything. Sometimes it might be hard letting go of a dream or a goal, but sometimes that might be just what you need. One of my therapists once told me to sit down at least once every year and try and look over my goals and dreams and ask myself. Do I really want this? Have my dreams changed? Am I holding onto something that I don’t want anymore?

This quote motivates me as well, since I know that I can change my goals and dreams. I can do anything I want and it is never too late.

I wish you all a fantastic week!

Love, Nea


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