Moody Monday

Well, I am not moody, but my dogs are. They are coming in to heat soon and they are being really bitchy. And when they’re not bitching at each other they are sleeping. Or in Zelda’s case howling at the dogs that pass on our street.

I am studying from home today, which I find really nice. I am also planning the coming posts here on the blog. If you have any requests please let me know.

My husband got home early from work because he got sick. I hope he gets better soon.

Now I am going to go cook some dinner.

Have an amazing afternoon/evening.

Love, Nea

Zelda – Throwback Thursday

So this Throwback Thursday I wanted to share a picture of Zelda because the last two Thursdays I have shared pictures of Oracle.

20161122_073408Zelda med vattenstämpel

Here Zelda is about 6 months old and she is really tired. We are at my husband’s job in his office. The dogs love when they get to go with their dad to his work, even if it’s just for a quick visit.

I love to look at old pictures of the dogs when they were puppies. We always wondered if Zelda would grow into her ears and paws. When we brought her home she had bigger paws than Oracle had. Now I don’t think they are too big for her body.


Zelda ~ Thankful Tuesday

For this weeks Thankful Tuesday post, I wanted to write about my dog Zelda. She is the little one in our small family.

She’s a Welsh Corgi Cardigan that is about 2,5 years old. And she is kind of goofy. She has a strong will and she loves to play. There is so much puppy left in her that she on a daily basic chase her tail.

We bought her so Oracle could get a little sister and someone to play with. And I am really thankful that we did. She always makes me laugh. And now we have two dogs to cuddle with.

When I have a cold, I have two dogs to warm me up. And they keep a close eye on me. Zelda loves to explore new places, but she is a homebody. She loves her yellow ring.

I could write so much more about her and I will but not today. Instead, I am going to share this picture of Zelda with you:


A new week means new goals

Today its Monday and so far it hasn’t been a really good day. It feels like all the things that can go wrong has gone wrong, which really isn’t true. Far from it actually. But I have to admit. I almost just gave up and crawled down in my big, cosy warm bed.

It all started this morning when I woke up. I didn’t feel good. I felt nausea and didn’t have an appetite. But this isn’t new. Its been like this for about a week. The Zelda stole and chewed on a butter knife that was in plastic so it broke. And I had to give her asparagus in case she ate some parts of the butter knife.

Then when I was driving to doggie daycare the care was making some strange noise that worries me so I drove to my brother and he calmed me down. It was nothing serious. I am borrowing my parent’s car at the moment. And the thought of it breaking and possible beeing my falt was just too much.

Now I am sitting on campus and trying to relax before I eat my lunch. And then I have a lecture. I am trying to come up with some waý to make this day better. My goal for today is to turn this day around. Something I know I can do.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Love, Nea

Throwback thursday

My first ever throwback post. And for this I have chosen to share this picture:

It’s of my dogs Zelda and Oracle in September 2016. As you can see Zelda is just a little puppy. 😍 And she’s about 3 months old.

I remember Oracles questioning look one me when we took Zelda with us home. Oracle was used to being the only dog in the family and all the sudden she had a baby sister. It was a bit hard at first. But now Oracle adores and loves her little sister. And many nights they fall asleep laying like this together.

Moody monday

Today is a hard day for me. The thoughts in my head are spinning around and I don’t feel like I can get a grip on them. I have tried to do something all day. But I feel like a balloon that the air has left.

I want to crawl back in bed and read a good book or just sleep. And the dogs went back to doggie-daycare this morning. So I have been home alone until I went to campus now in the afternoon. I had a late lecture. And I had to fight with my mind to get there. But I did it. I didn’t give up. And I could stay the whole lecture.

After the lecture, I went to pick up the dogs at daycare. My husband dropped them off this morning. Oracle and Zelda were really happy to see me.

Now I am just trying to calm down and breath. I have a long day tomorrow too and every other day this week. But I am a fighter.

Have an amazing evening.

Love, Nea