Today is the day

Good Morning,

Today my classes will begin again. Today I have an afternoon class, so I am still at home with the dogs. But I have lots of things to do before I go to campus today. I have a little bit of reading to do and some other school-related things to do. But first I wanted to write something here.

Yesterday afternoon my parents came back with Oracle. It was really nice to have her home again. I know she has had a wonderful time with my parents and it has been nice to have some alone time with Zelda. But I still miss Oracle when she isn’t with us. Zelda had obliviously also missed her “sister” because she was really happy seeing her again yesterday. And this morning when I woke up they were sleeping in the same dog bed together. Almost hugging. It was so cute.

My husband and I slept the first night in the new bed tonight. I woke up with no back pain. It felt wonderful. But the bed still smells new. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it was hard to fall asleep. I know I will get used to the “smell” eventually and that it won’t smell new forever.

Right now I am sitting in the sofa with Oracle sleeping on the left of my and Zelda sleeping on the right of me. I am waiting on a call from my husband telling me if he is going to have to be gone for a few days because of work.

Now I am going to do some reading.. Have a fantastic day!

Love, Nea

Our new bed.. 



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