New month, new challenges!


Yesterday was not a good day, but I was determined to make today a good day. This morning my husband and I got up early. He walked Zelda over to my brother’s house because he was going to take care of her.

Then after we ate breakfast we went IKEA in Örebro and got ourselves a new bed. Our old one has been giving ous backpains and we decided that we needed a new bed the other day.

Oracle went on vacation over the weekend with my parents yesterday. So no dog was left alone at home. We were gone for a few hours and came home with an amazing bed. And its bigger than the old one, so now my husband is really happy.

We also bought new pillows for the bed and new linens. So it was a really good day.

But I had some problems in the store. Too many people are one of my triggers for my panic attacks. I had some small ones, but I kept powering through.

Tonight we will be sleeping on the pullout sofa because the bed needs to breathe for at least 12 hours.

I will try to write more about my panic tomorrow. Now I am going to enjoy an evening with my husband.

Love, Nea


A picture from our evening walk with Zelda.


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