One of those days.

Good morning,

Today is one of those days when it’s just hard to get up out of bed. But I have made myself a promise. Never give up. Never. So I forced myself out of bed. Got dressed, feed the dogs and went out with the dogs. Ate breakfast. And decided that I should share with you.

If you are having a bad day, just remember is just a bad day. Remember all the good things in your life. I remember my wonderful husband that always are there for me. My two amazing dogs. My supporting family. My outstanding friends.

Because I have my dogs, I need to go out with the dogs. I need to feed them. Because they need me. This is one of the things that make me never give up. Never give in.

I don’t have a bad life, but sometimes I have bad days. Sometimes I have a couple of bad days in a row. But I will never give up. And it is always okay to ask for help.

I hope you all will have an amazing day. And never ever stop fighting.

Love, Nea


The dogs on this mornings walk.


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