Quiet day at home!

Hello world,

today I am taking a quiet day at home. I’m feeling a bit sick. I think I have a cold coming on, so I am taking it slow today. Even tho it feels like I have a million things to do. It can be really nice to just slow down for a bit. I am doing some laundry and I have looked at things for next weeks semester start. My schedule is more packed than I would have wanted it to be. But that is life. You just have to make the best of it.

This morning a went on a walk with my two dogs, Oracle and Zelda. You could feel the rain hanging in the air, but it was still nice. It really starting to feel like autumn is here to stay. I will miss the summer, but I love all the different seasons because they all bring something I love.

Like Autumn with the crisp air and the leaves falling down, that the dogs love to play in. The colours are so beautiful and amazing to photograph. And taking long walks with the dogs and my husband is cozy. And then coming inside and crawling down under a blanket on the couch and just holding on to each other. Maybe just talking, watching something on Netflix or just reading.

Right now I am sitting on the couch with the dogs. Zelda is snoring beside me and Oracle is half asleep. They love being close to me and I love it. Dogs are really good companions to have. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Now I have to take care of the clothes in the washing machine. Have a nice day.

Love, Nea


Zelda in my lap yesterday. She wanted to be with my when I was writing.


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