Still sick!

Good morning,

I am still sick. But I am trying to do the best of the situation. Will be having a quiet day at home today too. My husband is at work. The dogs are both sleeping. Zelda is sleeping in the armchair and Oracle is sleeping on the back of the sofa.

Today I will start reading my course literature for my statistics classes that start on Monday. I want to be prepared for my first lecture. And I will try to get some writing done as well. I have so many ideas in my head that need to get out of my head and on to paper.

Right now I have a problem tear myself from Netflix. I am looking at Chesapeake Shores. I kind of love the series, and I have looked at almost 1,5 seasons in two days. This is what I do when I am sick. Just taking it easy and watching Netflix. So that is what I will continue doing now.

Have a wonderful day,

Love, Nea.

How Oracle and Zelda are both sleeping right now. ❤


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