Amazing start to the week

Today is a really good day. I had a really good day at campus and I feel so happy about that. I had some minor panic attacks and anxiety, but nothing that affected me in any major way. I just worked through it.

When I woke up this morning I was exhausted, after a night of very little sleep, and this because when I had gotten to sleep last night I woke up because there was a really high crashing sound. Both my husband and I investigated but could not find anything in the apartment. And this made me anxious, which is why I slept poorly. This morning we got the answer to what the noise had been. A roofing tile had come loose and crashed down right outside our front door.

Today I had a tutorial this morning, then two hours free and then 2 hours lecture. It was quite an interesting lecture and I think I have learnt something new at least.

Before we got home from campus I had a meetup with my study partner for an assignment and I think we will be able to do a fantastic assignment together.

Now I am going to continue working on my essay that is due in 11 days. I hope you have a magical week.

Love, Nea


Last day at Campus

Yesterday I had my last day at campus, here in Sweden before I go to Edinburgh. It has been a hard week so far. And I am so thankful for my friends at campus for helping me through this tough week. I think that it’s more real now that we are moving. Moving away from my dogs, my family and my friends. It has always been like months away, and now its just a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to studying abroad, but I know I will miss everyone at home. 

I have always dreamed about studying in another country. But with my depression, anxiety and panic attacks I never thought I would be possible. Now, thanks to my wonderful husband’s support and the help from my family I am finally going. 

I know that I am stronger than I think. I know I can do anything I want to do and I also know that my dogs are going to be well taken care of while I am gone. And this is a quote that I try to remember.

Picture taken buy me and the quote is by: H. Jackson Brown Jr.

I missed posting a few of my planned Christmas Countdown post this week, just because I have had these bad days. But I will post them soon. 

Have an fantastic Friday!

Love, Nea

Happy Halloween!

We don’t celebrate Halloween in my family. I have never been at a Halloween party as far as I know. But I wouldn’t mind throwing one in the future. But my husband doesn’t find that interesting.

Today I at Campus for half the day. I am meeting my group for our group-assignments that is due on Monday. The I am meeting my husband and we are having lunch together.

This week have so far been kind of hectic. On Monday I had my exam and my husband had surgery. Then yesterday I was at Campus to get assignments for the last two weeks of my statistic course. I have a group-assignment and an individual assignment.

Now I am waiting for my group members. Three really nice women that I haven’t worked with before, but I feel like I am in a really good group.

And if you have Netflix and looking for something to see today. I have heard that this is really good:

I am planning to watch it tonight. I loved Sabrina the teenage witch when I grew up.

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween!

Love, Nea



I am starting to get really nervous about my exam next Monday. I am studying and trying my best to be ready. But it feels like I am failing. But I won’t give up. I am going to do my best and that just needs to be enough.

Yesterday I had a bad day at campus. I had to park far from my lecture hall and when I started walking to my lecture, a little stressed, I meet a couple of people that were vaping and smoking cigarettes. I tried to hold my breath and keep away from them, but I couldn’t so I got an Asthma attack. I took some medicine and thought that I still could make it to my class. So I kept moving, but slower this time. Then when I came to the building I was going to have my lecture, I went into the toilet. But someone had been smoking in there. So after my second Asthma attack for the day, I was not feeling so good. I meet a friend and tried to not get a panic attack as well. But I just couldn’t stay on campus and go on the lecture. I was feeling weak and my chest hurt. I called my husband that picked me up.

Now I am at home, still not feeling great. And missing today’s two classes. I feel awful. But I am going to study from home today. To get ready for the exam. And I am going to get some rest, so I don’t get worse.

I hope you have a fantastic day. And this Weeks WCW post is soon out. Read it.

Love, Nea

Overslept on Hump Day!

Today I overslept.. Or no not really. I woke up with my husband this morning and then he and the dogs left for work and doggie daycare. And I ate breakfast in peace and with no stress. But then I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up just 30 minutes before my lecture. And I have 1 hours drive to campus and I had nothing packed for school and I needed to ready. So I decided to not stress because I know I would only get to campus when it max was 20 minutes left of the lecture.

So now I am sitting here at home and trying to wake up. I have another class this afternoon that I am going to go to. But first I am eating my lunch at home and then I am going to campus. The class is a late one and right now I am fine with it. This is the last day this week I am having a late day on campus.

This has really been a Hump Day so far. I am looking forward until this day is over. I don’t know how long my husband is working today. He might have to do some overtime again. But luckily he bought groceries yesterday so we have everything at home to cook dinner tonight. Just one of the many reasons why I love him.

I hope you all have an amazing Hump Day.

Love, Nea