Roller coaster week

Do you ever have a week that is like a roller coaster? I have had that kind of week.. Its been so many amazing moments, some kind of life changing, and then some really lows. And I want to share this with you. I think it’s kind of important to talk about my low points, but also the high points in my life.

So if I start with last Saturday. I had an amazing day. Kind of life changing for me, because I did something I have never done before. And to be honest its something kind of crazy. Or I don’t really think it is crazy, but I know that a lot of people around me will find this crazy. I dyed my hair pink. Or I got help from my lovely sister-in-law Felicia. She is really amazing.

The color in my hair.

So now I have pink hair and I love it. This is something I been wanting to do since I was like 11-12 years old, but I have never in my whole life dyed my hair. This is not an ad, but for you who wonders I used Arctic Fox’s Virgin Pink on my unbleached hair. And the result is what you see down below. So now I have pink hair and I love it. This is something I been wanting to do since I was like 11-12 years old, but I have never in my whole life dyed my hair.

The reason why I chose Arctic Fox is because: Arctic Fox is vibrant, cruelty-free, vegan semi-permanent hair (taken from Arctic Fox Website). (NOT AN AD).

My hair when its been dyed. I love it so much!

Then on Sunday I had a kind of dip, because I had some minor panic attacks and actually did not feel so secure in our house. I don’t really know what happen except I had some flashbacks, that triggered anxiety in me. But my husband helped me through it.

Monday was an amazing day. We officially got the keys to our new house. I have been keeping quiet about this for a long time, because it been some uncertainties, but now it is ours. So we (read my husband) is going to do some renovating and then we plan on moving in the end of summer, if everything goes according to our plans. I will write more about the house later, because it is really special for me.

Our new house!!

Then on Tuesday, my husband helped his brother moving into his farm, and he was gone the entire day and long into the night. I am starting to get used to my husband being back at work, but then he is usually back at home by 6 pm, but he was not back until after midnight and I had a bad day with panic attacks and anxiety so it was kind of a bad day for me. But a really good day for my brother-in-law to finally move in to the farm.

I also got the my grades on Thursday. My grades for my time in Edinburgh. I been waiting on them for some time and I have been kind of nervous about how it has gone. But I am so happy. I got two A:s and two B:s. I ended up crying some and also doing a happy dance.

Then on Wednesday was so and so day. Kind of boring, but kind of okay. My cold came back, so I spent most of my day under a blanket on the sofa with our two dogs reading books and watching JAG.

Thursday my husband started working some on our new house, or more on our new house. And found that the floor in the room that is going to be our bedroom has an old wooden floor under the carpet. It is untreated so we can probably do something fun with it. Hopefully it is like that under the carpet in the room that will be our office as well.

Then yesterday was both really good day and a kind of hard day. I found out that my name change has gone through, so now I have my husbands last name. I know its been almost one year since we got married, but because everything in Edinburgh was in my maiden name, we decided to wait until we moved home again for me to change. But I am so happy to finally have his last name.

And then in the evening I had flashbacks and anxiety. It was not funny at all, and I had moments I was so scared. My dogs helped a lot and when my husband came home it helped as well. But I slept really bad and today I feel like a zombie, and I am wondering if I should get some sleep.

Today my husband is helping my brother-in-law with some moving as well. Hopefully they will get the last things moved today, but I don’t really know. I am currently home alone with the dogs and it feels okay, which means that I am starting to feel better. One thing I can say is that you can’t let your bad days or moments bring you down. Concentrate on the good things in your life.

I wish you all an amazing Saturday!

Love, Nea


Situation Sunday ~ October 28

It’s time for Situation Sunday. I haven’t really been that observant on what is happening around me this week, because all my focus has been on my exam tomorrow. But this is what I have seen in the news:

Bombs have been sent to George Soros, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Robert de Niro, Joe Biden and Maxine Waters. And more could be on the way according to the FBI.                                                                                                            What all these people have in common is that they have been outspoken about President Trump and from what I can understand President Trump has said something about each and every one of them to the press. (source about the bombs) (Source about the bombs)

Ethiopia gets its first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde. She has earlier been an ambassador in multiple countries and has been working for the UN in Nairobi. (source)   My opinion is that this is great. We need more woman in power around the world. I am looking forward to seeing what she is going to do with her leadership.

Same-sex penguin couple Sphen and Magic, in Sea-Life aquarium in Sidney, has been given the opportunity to adopt an egg from another couple that had two. (source)               I think this is really cute and a good initiative from the aquarium. I love penguins and I really hope I get to see some in real life sometime.

So that’s it for this weeks Situation Sunday. Hopefully, I have more to share with you next week.

I hope you have an amazing Sunday!

Love, Nea





Hopefully, I will have big news to share with you at the end of November. Something that is going to have a big impact on my life and a big change. That’s all I really can say…

But I am really nervous and I want to get the final answer now, but I know it’s about 3-5 weeks away, so all I can do is to hope.

And maybe tease you a little bit of what it is. I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I have already been waiting for 2 weeks. How will I cop the rest of the time?