Scared Nea

Yesterday I got a good estimate of how easily I get scared when I am home alone.

I was sitting in the living room studying  and its really windy outside and its raining, and kind of dark outside. Then the lights flicker, which didn’t get me scared. But all the sudden the ventilation increases and I don’t understand why and I find it really scary. I call my husband and asks him if he has come home and decided to play a trick on me, and he says that he is at work. And I am like.. What do I do? He tells me that the flickering in light is the electricity had a spike in it and that I need to go down and turn down the ventilation.  I am still scared at this point and I am thinking that someone got into the house, through our garage and into the boiler room and started messing with the ventilation so I would walk down and they could kill me… Stupid, right? So my husband has to talk to me on the phone while I walk down there. And the house is squeaking because its an older house and it’s really windy outside. I am seriously thinking about locking myself in the bedroom. But I did it.

And afterwards, I felt really stupid for getting so scared. My fantasy is just too good sometimes. And I am use to old houses and I usually like being home alone.

Today I have already had my lecture and now I am at home with the dogs. And I should be studying, but I feel like all my energy just vanished. And all I want is to cuddle with the dogs and my husband. But he is not going to be home for a couple of hours. He is working hard and here I am complaining about not having the energy to study… So for my own sake and for all his hard work I am going to study.

Love, Nea

Wonderful Weekend

This Friday was a busy day. I had an early lecture. Then I drove a friend to the train station. After that, I went to IKEA and bought some things for the bed. Then I went to my parent’s apartment and picked up my father. We went shopping and I drove him home. And all this before noon. Friday was like I said busy because the day wasn’t over there.

On Saturday I woke up early to walk the dogs, eat breakfast and then study before my niece christening. It was a beautiful day and I had a really nice time meeting everyone and taking many pictures. I love photographing and I am looking forward to getting some of the pictures in print. I think a few will make excellent Christmas presents.

Today I slept for a long time and woke up feeling relaxed and not tired. I love the mornings when I don’t need to set an alarm. It’s not often I can do this so I really enjoy the days that are like this.

Today I have been reading a few chapters in my course literature so I am up to speed on the coming lectures. I have also been doing some planning for the following days so I know what I need to do and when. I like having a plan for what’s to come. Even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. If you are wondering what I am planning: What we are going to eat, How much I need to study this week and when, when the dogs are going to be at doggie daycare and what I want to write about in my posts.

Now I am going to relax with the dogs for a while and read a book. Then I just might study some more.

Have a fantastic evening!

Love, Nea

I survived hump day

And I am really proud of myself. It was a long day yesterday. But I did it.

Today has been a much better day. I was home alone for a few hours when my husband went to work this morning and on the way dropped of the dogs at daycare.

After lunch I drove to campus and had a really good meting with my student consuler. We talked about the next couple of years and my options. And I am really happy about what was said. I will share more with you in an later post.

After that I had some time to befor my computerlabiration started and while I was waiting a friend of my found me and we got a chance to catch up.

Now I am at home and all I want to do is eat and relax. So thats what I am going to do.

Good nigth, Nea

Clumsy Friday

Everybody who knows me knows that I am extremely clumsy. Like walk-into-the-table- or fall-over-your-own-feet-clumsy. I have over my life done many clumsy things and today is no different.

Today I have walked into the kitchen table, stumped my toes in one of the kitchen chairs and slipped in the woods when I was walking with the dogs. And I almost fell down some steps in the auditorium I had a lecture in today. The almost is important.

My husband knows that I usually have bruises because I walk into things. And we have a pair of crutches at home at all times because I need them a couple of times every year.

This summer I doped my phone into the dog’s water bowl. It worked for an hour, but then it started sending strange messengers. My father got a couple and was scared I had gotten a stroke. So the phone was put in rice, but it is still wasn’t working okay. So I bought one of my brother’s phones. And my husband wasn’t even surprised over my phone little bath. He was amazed that I hadn’t dropped it in water before.

I have so many stories where I have done something clumsy that I could fill a book.. And I am not even 30 years old.

Are you clumsy? Or am I the only one?

Now I am going to try to get some studying done before my husband gets home.

Love, Nea



Finally Thursday

I finally went to campus today. It was nice to go back, even if I could have stayed home in bed a couple of days more. But I only had a 2 hours lecture where we went through old exam questions. I had some minor panic feelings in the car on my way to campus, but I could handle them. One reason for my feelings was that my sunglasses broke and I really needed them. But I just turned around and get myself a cap instead so I could drive to campus. I hadn’t gotten very far from home when I turned around.

I have stressed over how behind a must be after being sick and at home the last three days, but when I came to campus today and talked with some of my classmates, I don’t feel as stressed anymore. I will have to study this weekend, but then I will be in sync with the rest of the class. And that feels really good.

Now I am trying to come up with what we are going to eat for the rest of the week. I am going grocery shopping, and that is something I hate doing, because if it is crowded I know I can get a panic attack. I have to fight with my mind so I can shop because I don’t want to send my husband to the store every time we need something. This is something I really need to work on, and a few years ago I would not have been able to do this, but I have my ways of getting it done.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Love, Nea

Wonderful autumn! 🍁

Man cold

I havent been to campus yet this week. I am laying at home with a man cold. I was planing to go to my lecture yesterday. I got up early. Ate breakfast and went back to bed to rest before I needed to go. I woke up half past twelve. My lecture ended twelve oclock.. I had sleept for more than 5 hours.

Today I didnt even try to go to campus. But I am starting to feel better. So fingers crossed that I can go to school tomorrow.

Now I am going to snuggle down with my husband, who is also home sick, and watch some netflix.

Love, Nea

Election day in Sweden


It’s election day in Sweden today. And I have voted. I hope everyone does, but I think many people won’t vote. This makes me sad. We have democracy for a reason.

This election is also making me scared about who will win the election. Some of the political parties have some non-friendly views on immigration and people who are not born here in Sweden. I know who I want to win, but I have to wait until tomorrow for the results.

I am still sick if anyone is wondering, but I have decided to make the best of today as I can. I am going to get some studying done. But I am also going to rest as much as possible. I have to go to campus every day next week so I will need my strength.

Now I am going to study. Half the day is already gone.

Have a wonderful day, and if you are living in Sweden, Please vote!

Love, Nea

My election card