I have spent the last couple of days bawling my eyes out. Nothing sad has happened, but I am going through a lot of old stuff. Some of it is shit and some of it is priceless for me. As some of you know my husband and bought a house one year ago yesterday. This house is very special to me, since my paternal grandparents has been living in this house since the 70s and we bought it from my grandmothers estate after she passed on. The house has not been renovated since the late 70s and my husband has been hard at work. I have helped some, but not a whole lot.

But the stuff I been going through is mainly things after my grandparents. Old books, old papers and old photos. I have seen so many old pictures of me with my grandparents and a whole lot of family gaterings and such. It has been amazing, but hard at the same time. I lost my grandfather suddenly in 2009. I was not prepared at all. My grandmother passed in the summer of 2018. I was more prepared since she been ill a long time, but it was still very hard.

This house has always been my safe haven when things have been rough. Coming here has always helped me deal with everything. And my grandparents has always been supportive of my live and the choices I have made along the way. I miss them every day and going though these left stuff has me crying.

Not a very uplifting post, but I am grateful that I have had these two wonderful people in my life and I know that I will always have the memories to look back on.

Love, Nea


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