Dreading tomorrow

Hello Everone,

Tomorrow it’s finally Friday, but tomorrow is a day I been dreading for a couple of weeks. The funeral for my grandmother (my father’s mother) is tomorrow. And I am not really ready to say goodbye yet. She passed away at home in the middle of August and I can still not get my head around it. I miss her and I wish a could tell her again how much we love her and how much she means to me. I am currently writing a post about her and her influence on my life. I am just not sure if I am going to post it here.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. A chance to express my self without anybody interrupting me. And I can bare myself in a way I can’t if we stood face to face. That’s one of the reasons I created this blog.

But back to tomorrow. I am going to campus early in the morning. Just like today. This morning I got up at half-past four to get to campus on time. And tomorrow I need to leave about a half hour before because we are leaving the dogs at a friends house who is going to have them all day. And my husband is driving me to campus. Then he is going to work for a couple of ours. Then after my two lectures. That ends twelve, we are going to my parent’s house to eat lunch and change, it’s about 45 minutes drive from campus. Then its the funeral. So I don’t think I am going to write anything here tomorrow. I may just take a day off.

Right now I should be studying, but I can’t really get my mind in the right place. I just want to hug my dogs and not think about tomorrow. And I need chocolate.

Love, Nea


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