Racer-Zelda and the little tree

I was out on the morning walk with the dogs. It´s cloudy outside and the ground is wet from the rain that came yesterday. The dogs are understimulated because my husband and I aren’t completely well yet. And they start chasing each other and playing. They still have their leases on. And you know in movies how dogs run around a person so they can’t move. They did that to me, so I almost fell, but I am getting used to it so I was trying to get loose from Oracles lease when Zelda thought it was a good idea to run around a little tree…  And can you guess what happens next? 

The tree is quite flexible and Zelda try to get free, so the tree bends when she tries running to me so I get the tree like a whip in the side of my head. It hurt. But Zelda didn’t understand why I got angry at her. She was just really proud that she got lose from the tree herself.

Now we are inside in the warmth again and the dogs seem to be pleased with their morning walk.

Later today I will post my Fangirl Friday post. Hope you read it!                    Have a wonderful Friday!

Love, Nea


Sick dog..

I haven’t been that active here these last couple of days, because I have a sick dog at home.

On Saturday Oracle started having some problems with her stomach and since then she has been sick. My husband and I have been taking turns going out with her, both day and night. And yesterday Oracle was with my husband at work so I could go to campus for a lecture. Zelda was alone at doggie daycare, but it went really well and she was so good.

Today I am staying home with both dogs. I don’t want to leave them home alone and yesterday is the first day Oracle actually ate something. Right now she is laying beside me on the sofa sleeping. She seeks closeness all the time and I am just trying to be here for her.

This morning my husband took her out for a quick walk while I gave Zelda her breakfast. Oracle is eating food that is gentle for her tummy so she can’t eat her usually dog food. When Oracle came inside she walked around for a bit and then she tried to poop, so I got up to get her out again, but she sat down on the rug in the living room and pulled her self forward with her butt pressed against the rug. She left a brown mark after her. I was not pleased, but not angry at her. She is sick. So I called my husband who had just left and he came back and cleaned up the rug while I walked both dogs outside.

It feels like Oracle is getting better, but I still want to keep an eye on her and that’s why I am staying home today. I don’t want to leave her with anyone else.

Now I am going to try to get some studying done before I need to take the dogs outside again.

Have an amazing day!

Love, Nea

Overslept on Hump Day!

Today I overslept.. Or no not really. I woke up with my husband this morning and then he and the dogs left for work and doggie daycare. And I ate breakfast in peace and with no stress. But then I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up just 30 minutes before my lecture. And I have 1 hours drive to campus and I had nothing packed for school and I needed to ready. So I decided to not stress because I know I would only get to campus when it max was 20 minutes left of the lecture.

So now I am sitting here at home and trying to wake up. I have another class this afternoon that I am going to go to. But first I am eating my lunch at home and then I am going to campus. The class is a late one and right now I am fine with it. This is the last day this week I am having a late day on campus.

This has really been a Hump Day so far. I am looking forward until this day is over. I don’t know how long my husband is working today. He might have to do some overtime again. But luckily he bought groceries yesterday so we have everything at home to cook dinner tonight. Just one of the many reasons why I love him.

I hope you all have an amazing Hump Day.

Love, Nea