Clumsy Friday

Everybody who knows me knows that I am extremely clumsy. Like walk-into-the-table- or fall-over-your-own-feet-clumsy. I have over my life done many clumsy things and today is no different.

Today I have walked into the kitchen table, stumped my toes in one of the kitchen chairs and slipped in the woods when I was walking with the dogs. And I almost fell down some steps in the auditorium I had a lecture in today. The almost is important.

My husband knows that I usually have bruises because I walk into things. And we have a pair of crutches at home at all times because I need them a couple of times every year.

This summer I doped my phone into the dog’s water bowl. It worked for an hour, but then it started sending strange messengers. My father got a couple and was scared I had gotten a stroke. So the phone was put in rice, but it is still wasn’t working okay. So I bought one of my brother’s phones. And my husband wasn’t even surprised over my phone little bath. He was amazed that I hadn’t dropped it in water before.

I have so many stories where I have done something clumsy that I could fill a book.. And I am not even 30 years old.

Are you clumsy? Or am I the only one?

Now I am going to try to get some studying done before my husband gets home.

Love, Nea




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