Election day in Sweden


It’s election day in Sweden today. And I have voted. I hope everyone does, but I think many people won’t vote. This makes me sad. We have democracy for a reason.

This election is also making me scared about who will win the election. Some of the political parties have some non-friendly views on immigration and people who are not born here in Sweden. I know who I want to win, but I have to wait until tomorrow for the results.

I am still sick if anyone is wondering, but I have decided to make the best of today as I can. I am going to get some studying done. But I am also going to rest as much as possible. I have to go to campus every day next week so I will need my strength.

Now I am going to study. Half the day is already gone.

Have a wonderful day, and if you are living in Sweden, Please vote!

Love, Nea

My election card

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