Motivational Monday ~ 14th of June

Hey, everybody. I am alive. Even though it felt like I was not going to make it a couple of times these last weeks. I got really sick, not Covid, and I am just starting to feel better and back to myself. But I am still tired and need a lot of rest.

Now I am slowly getting back to things like my master thesis, that have been postponed until August to be finished and housework and so much more. When you don’t wash cloths in a little more then three weeks one really understands how much cloths are used.

I need some extra motivation today. I might be slow at the moment but I have a lot of things to get done. So todays motivational quote is the following:

This is important to remember. Always get up. I always tired. Not to give up even when it’s hard. Like now. I kind of just want to quiet my masters thesis, but at the same time I put about 5 months into it and I know that I can do it. So I won’t quiet. I will just keep doing my best and that will have to be enough.

I don’t know if this helps anyone else or motivates anyone else. But it motivates me. Now I am going to continue on the thesis. I wish you all an fantastic week.

Love, Nea


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