Motivational Monday ~ 21 September

Monday again and this weekend did not give me the rest and energy I would have needed. I spent to much time worrying and stressing, which resulted in to little time to actually get write on my termpaper. So I have a full week of studying and writing ahead of me. And a plan for me not to worry or stress. We will just have to see how that goes. But what is most important in the end is that I give it my best.

Last week was a hard week for many. Some would say 2020 strikes again. The world lost Ruth Bader Ginsburgh. I am writing that the world lost her because she was an inspiration to a lot of people, me included. And she made things happen that have changed the world, or at least things in the US.

This is also why I have decided that todays motivational quotes will be one of my favourite things I have read that Ruth Bader Ginsbugh has said.

So stand up for your self. Be the person you want to be and be independent. You are fantastic!

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Nea


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