Thursday was the Lucia day here in Sweden. And everywhere in Sweden, we had Lucia celebrations. I actually saw one by accident on Thursday. I went to the grocery store with my mother and my nephew. I didn’t understand why the parking lots where so full of cars or why it was so dark in the store. But when we had started shopping. The Lucia for our two towns (the town where my parents live and the town where I live) came into the store with her handmaidens and sang beautiful songs. 

Lucia and her Handmaiden at the grocery store.

My Nephew was delighted and watched them with big eyes. I took some photos and videos of this. I am going to miss him very much when I am in Edinburgh.

My Mother and My nephew watching Lucia and her Handmaiden.

Lucia is one of my favourite celebration leading up to Christmas. It’s a day of light and I love so many of the songs that are sung during this day.

If you want to know more about Lucia you can click on this or you can watch the youtube clip down below.

And the clip below is from a Lucia Celebration 2015 in a church in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I hope you found this interesting. Have an amazing day!

Love, Nea


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