Situation Sunday, October 14

So a lot of things are spinning in my head. So much has happened these last few weeks. It feels like the world is in chaos. With the extreme weather situation around the world. Judge Kavanaugh being sworn into office.

I am starting to wonder what is happening? I thought something like this would never happen after #MeToo. I am not claiming to be the best judge of things like this but I am surprised at the outcome of the vote. But I have read that many more people have become registered to vote in Novembers election.

Like you know, I don’t live in America. But this still affected me. We have #MeToo here in Sweden and I am scared that the change we need is not coming. At least not as fast as we want it to. I hate being afraid to walk alone at night. I want to feel safe in this world.

The weather around the world is also making me scared. I don’t remember there being as much extreme weather when I grew up. It feels like no one is really taking the situation seriously. IPCC has realised their 2018 report, but I have not read about it anywhere. But now that I googled it, some information came up.

I am trying to think more about what I am buying, like organic food and to have bags with me when I go grocery shopping. And to not wast things. I donate my clothes to people how need them when I can’t wear them anymore. And I try to not buy useless things. We eat vegetarian food at least once a week. I walk to the store instead of taking the car. I know I can do so much more and I am trying to be better.

What are you doing for the world to be better? Both for the people and the environment?

On another note. I missed World Mental Health day, but I am writing a post about that and posting it later.

This post was more ranting than anything else and I am sorry for that. I just want to share my concerns about the world.