Accountability not justice

When I woke up this morning and looked at my phone, I saw that Derek Chauvin had been found guilty in all three charges. I cried, for so many reasons. Some people said it was justice for George Floyd, but some other said it is accountability not justice. And I agree, it is accountability. George should be living his lift right now, just like so many other black people that has been killed by cops.

But I got hope. I felt hope. I think a lot of people in the US and around the world felt the same. I hope this means that things will change. That there will be accountability to so many lost lives.

Dante Wrights
Adam Toledo
Rayshard Brooks
Daniel Prude
Breonna Taylor
Atatiana Jefferson

Just a few names… there are so many more that should be alive today. I found this kind of pamphlet online with some of the black people that have been killed by cops. Some I had not even heard about. You can find it here.

I also read something about a young black woman being killed in Ohio just minutes after the Derek Chauvin conviction. Makiyah Bryant. From what I have gathered she called the cops herself, because her sister and she was being attacked by other residents in the fosterhome they were living at. And still a cop killed her. I.. I have no words. I have not watched the video of the shoting, beacuase it would trigger me.

I just need something to happen. I need a change in the world for the better. I need black people all over the world to be safe. I need the police to stop threating people different depending on their skin colour. I need more wins, like the Chauvin trail.


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