International Women’s Day

This morning I started my usually Motivational Monday part, but then I just did not feel like it. I want to motivate people and make them see that it is possible to have an happy life even if one has mental health problems. And I want to motivate people to not give up, no matter if it’s studying, work, going after your dreams or love. But this morning I sat much like I am doing now in my soffa feeling kind of stressed over my master thesis and looked in my calendar. Today is International Women’s Day and I felt the need to write about something else.

The last couple of years I have had a couple of long and meaningful discussions with people in my life. Some where with the men in my life. Men who never will know the fear of walking alone in the evening. Men who never had someone touch you inappropriate. Men who never will hear that they can’t do something because of their gender. Others where with women in my life that has been exposed to this as I have.

Some of these discussions got heated while other seemed to be eye-openers for the person I talked with. Some people in my life did not understand what I been through. One person will forever be out of my life because of our discussions. As you might understand this is a man, someone that I thought was a friend, but that could not in any way understand what I been through. It was lies or I deserved it. I deserved getting touched inappropriately for the first time by men when I was 13 years old. I deserved getting called a whore by mean when I dressed in certain ways. I deserved being scared of walking alone in the dark. I deserved being touched groped and squeezed by a man that I thought I could trust when I was 15.

This is just a few things that I can’t accept. I am a woman, and I am proud to be. I want my freedom. I want to be able to dress how I want. I want to be able to post on social media without having to thing it over and over. I want to be able to take a walk after dark without having to be afraid of getting assaulted or/and raped.

I wish that women around the world could have equal rights. Everyone should be able to go to school and get an education. Equal pay. Equal opportunities. The list goes on and one.

I also want women to support each other. Not tear each other down. Just look at how toxic the environment is on social media now days. Influencers like Bianca Ingrosso, who is a role model, get shit every single day for whatever she does. She is successful person that has gone after her dreams and what ever she posts someone has to try and bring her down.

We need to be nicer to one another. We need to fight for our rights. Our children should not have to live in a world that is like this. So women, stand up tall. We are strong and we will not stop fighting for our rights. Men, educate yourself. Just because you are not one of these men, there are still things you can do. To close your eyes and not see what is happening in the world is not the right thing to do. You can be a part of stopping this.


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