Whitney Cummings ~ WCW

Women Crush Wednesday is here and today’s WCW is Whitney Cummings. She is a comedian that I love. But she is also someone who cares about animals and other people. 

Reasons why she is this weeks WCS:

  • She helped evacuate animals and people from the fires in California, this month.
  • She took it upon her self to give food to animals in need.
  • She took in a badly hurt piglet and is nursing him back to health. His name is Joe.
  • She is very outspoken about what she thinks is right and wrong.
  • She has talked a lot about gun control in America.
  • She co-hosted, with Nikki Reed, a Thanksgiving dinner for people who lost their homes in the fires. 
  • She is brutally honest.
  • And she makes me laugh.
Whitney Cummings – When Men Think About Sex

And this one is also funny. About Marriage. 

Whitney Cummings – Marriage & Sex

Brutally Honest. I just love her.


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