Elf ~ Christmas Movie

One of my all-time favourite Christmas Movies is Elf. I watch it at least once every December. And I have already watched it once this year. My husband does not understand why I need to watch this movie every year, and sometimes more than once. So I usually watch it when he isn’t at home. So I can watch it in peace. 

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The movie is about Buddy (Will Ferrell), a human who has been raised on the North pole by an elf. In the movie, he finds out that his not an Elf and he leaves the North Pole to try and find his father Walter (James Caan) in New York, who didn’t even know that Buddy existed. 

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The movie is hilarious and it always gives me Christmas feelings. I love how Will Ferrell plays the role of Buddy. It’s funny and believable. And I think I need to see the movie at least one more time before Christmas. 

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Watch the trailer down below!

If you haven’t watched it jet I can highly recommend it. And if you have seen it, why not watch it again! Curl up in your sofa with some hot chocolate and someone you love. 


Love Actually ~ Christmas movie

One of my favourite Christmas movies is: Love Actually. I like that you follow different people and see how there lives change over the time of the movie. This is a movie that has it all. Love, angst and so many funny moments. 

I can’t actually explain the plot. Not in a good way at least. The movie is full of amazing actor and actresses. Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman and Martin Freeman have parts in the movie.

This song is a part of the movie and I like it. It’s actually on my Christmas Playlist.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet I can recommend it. Maybe it’s a good idea to watch it this evening. 

Lethal Weapon ~ Christmas Movie

Todays Christmas Movie is Lethal Weapon. Now some of you might say that this movie isn’t a Christmas movie, but according to me, you are wrong. It takes place around the Christmas holiday and there is Christmas music playing in the movie. Maybe it’s not a traditional Christmas Movie but I usually watch it before Christmas.

Picure source: IMDB

Roger Murthaugh (Danny Glover), is a cop that just turned 50 gets a new partner, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) a cop that lost his wife and now is suicidal. They are completely opposites, but now they have to solve a murder of Amanda Hunsaker, a prostitute thats also the daughter of one of Murtaughs old Vietnam War friends, Michael Hunsaker. The murderinvestigation quickly turns in to a case about drug smugglers and soon both Riggs and Murthaghs lifes are in danger, inlucing Murthaghs familys.  

And the most famous quote from the movie is:

“I’m too old for this shit” ~ Roger Murthaugh

My husband and I watched the movie the other day. And as he always says when we watch it: This is not a Christmas Movie. So we agree to disagree. 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Love, Nea

Office Christmas Party – Christmas Movie

Last night my husband and I watched the first Christmas Movie of the season, for us. We watched Office Christmas Party, a movie we have never watched before. It was surprisingly good. 

It’s Christmas soon and Clay Vanstone (T.J. Miller) is running a branch of the family company. His sister, Carol (Jennifer Aniston) is the CEO and when she comes for a visit to the branch she threatens to shut down the branch, but she chancels the Office Christmas Party. But to impress a big client Clay and his two workers Josh (Jason Bateman) and Tracy (Olivia Munn) throw an epic Christmas party in just a couple of hours. But the party gets out of hand fast. 

I thought the movie was funny and not what I expected at all. I will defiantly watch it again.

Hope you all have an amazing Sunday.

Love, Nea