Christmas Eve

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and the day that we celebrate Christmas in my family. But this year we spent the 23rd at my brother’s house with my sister-in-law, my nephew and my parents. My brother is working over Christmas so we thought we could make the 23rd to our Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time with great food and laughter. My nephew loved his presets.

Yesterday we were going to have a mini celebration just with my parents at our house. But my mom wasn’t feeling well so my husband, our dogs and I spent yesterday alone at home. It was a cosy Christmas with just the four of us and I loved it. We got to spend some time with the dogs and just be together without any stress. And I didn’t spend a minute thinking about us moving and leaving the dogs in Sweden. And that was really nice.

We ate good food, we watched Kalle Anks Jul (Donald Ducks Christmas program) and then some Christmas movies. We opened our presents. And we laughed. And that is for me a wonderful Christmas.

Today we have no plans at all. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Day.

Love, Nea


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