Christmas Gift Ideas for the one that has everything

Do you know someone that has everything, but you don’t have an idea what to get them? Here are some tips from me to you. (not an ad)

A good idea is to give away experiences. Like Skydiving or Whiskey tasting. There are a lot of different alternatives. In Sweden, you can buy experiences on: Live it. And in the U.K. you can buy them on: Into the Blue. I think every country has a place to buy experiences. 

You can also give a charity donation in the person’s name. There are a lot of Charity’s that do good work and I think this is a great gift. Why not give the money to organizations that need them. Here is a list of Charity’s: Hundstallet, UNICEF Sweden, UNICEF UK, or Save the Children. These are just some examples. There are so many Charities out there. In every country.

Indian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) two month old cub. Source:

With WWF you can either donate money or adopt an animal as a gift. Just look here: WWF Sweden, WWF UK or WWF USA.

But if you really want to buy a gift to a person then I have tree options.

Socks. I know it sounds boring but as Dumbledore says in Harry Potter: 
“One can never have enough socks”. And I find that to be true. You can buy regular boring socks or you can buy crazy socks. And you can find socks almost anywhere. 

Or you can buy a nice bedding sets as a gift. There are so many nice bedding sets available and I know that: Ellos, Amazon and Mark & Spencer have nice bedding sets. 

And the last tips is: a framed photo from an amazing day or a special memory. I don’t really know where you can order that in different countries but I would say google it. Here in Sweden I usually use My Fuji Film.

And to clarify: THIS IS NOT AN AD!

Hope you liked my ideas. Do you have any good ideas for Christmas gifts? Please share!

Love, Nea


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