Self-Care Saturday ~ October 27

Sometimes when it comes to Self-Care it can simply be to sit in front of Netflix and watch a good movie or a tv-show. To relax and drop all the things that need to be done.

This weekend I am studying for my big exam on Monday and I feel like I don’t have the time to slow down, but I am going to do that. So for me to watch Netflix with my husband in the evenings is the perfect way to relax and do a little self-care. To spend time together and just cuddle on the sofa. The dogs usually join us on the sofa and it’s just family time.

We all need to take time in our busy lives to take care of our self. We can’t be running around doing a million things all the time.

Now I am going to get some more studying!

Have an amazing Saturday! And take care of yourself! You are important.

Love, Nea




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