Christmas gift ideas for the booklover

I am a book lover and I want to share with you some ideas what to give a book lover. This is things I would love to get. This is not an AD.

One idea is a book lover messenger bag that you can buy at Amazon.

Why not get this Mood Book lamp. You can buy it at CoolStuff Sweden and CoolStuff UK.

Picture source CoolStuff UK.

On Amazon you can buy this pillow with a text that many book lovers find true.

And on Uncommon Goods you can buy this pillow with 
“The Way of Love” from 1 Corinthians.

Another Idea is a ribbon bookmark. You can buy it in different colours on A thousand crafts Etsy shop.

Why not buy an infinity scarf with the words of the person’s favourite book on it. You can buy: Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland and Sence & Sensibility at Uncommon Goods. On the picture are the scarf with Pride and Prejudice. 

Picture source Uncommon Goods

You can also buy book infinity scarfs from Amazon. I have found Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes, Romeo & Juliet, The Wizard of Oz, Dracula, Frankenstein and Little Women.

Why not buy the book lover a Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves so he/she can be snuggling under a blanket but still be able to read. You can buy it in CoolStuff Sweden and CoolStuff UK. It’s also available in different colours.

Picture source CoolStuff

Another gift idea is mugs with book-related texts. Here are a few of my favourites:

You can buy this one at TinyZenCo’s shop on Etsy.

And this one you can buy at LittleBeeHome’s Etsy shop.

This book lovers mug you can buy at BettieConfetti’s Etsy Shop.

And the last mug is this one with the Jane Austen quote, that you can buy at Yabbledoo’s Etsy Shop.

And my last gift idea for the book lover is a T-shirt from RingtailTees Etsy Shop.

Picture Source: Etsy

That’s it for my gift guide for booklovers. I hope you liked it. And again this was not an ad, just things I would like to get for Christmas myself. 

Love, Nea


Christmas gift ideas for the Traveller

Do you know someone that loves to travel, but you don’t have an idea what to get them. Here are some tips from me to you. (this is not an ad).

Backpack from Beis. Picture taken from Nordstroms

Travel Multi Function Travel Backpack from BÉIS. I have found them on: Nordstrom or Revolve. Its available in black or beige.  And the actress Shay Mitchells are actually the person behind BÉIS. And if I got this backpack I would be over the moon. And BÉIS have more amazing bags that I will show you next. Way to go Shay! BÉIS has an Instagram page you can follow: BÉIS

BÉIS even have other amazing bags available on Nordstrom or Revolve. The one under this text is BÉIS Duffel bag. It would be perfect for my husband. 

This is BÉIS Travel Multi Function Duffel Bag. Picture taken from Nordstrom

I would love to own BÉIS weekend bag that is under this text. I love the colour and how functional it is with the bottom where you can put shoes and it won’t stain what I have in the bag. 

This is BÉIS Travel Multi Function Weekend Bag. Picture taken from Nordstrom.

Another good backpack is Bobby – Anti-Theft Backpack. I have seen it on Amazon or Bluebox. An Anti-theft backpack is just what you need if you are in a busy city exploring or in the airport. 

Bobby Ant-theft Backpack. Picture taken from

BÉIS also sells luggage tags and passport holder.  They are available in different colours and you can buy them on as a set on Nordstrom or separately on Revolve.                   

Lauggage tag and Passport holder from BÉIS. Picture taken from Nordstrom.

There are lots of different bags out there that can be a good present for the traveller. I also love: CALPACKS different bag. For example CALPACKS x Jen Atkin 29-Inch Suitcase in Pink. It’s beautiful and seems to be perfect for my needs. You can buy it at: Nordstrom or CALPACKTravle.

Calpacks x Jen Atkins Pink. Pictur taken from

Luggage tags are a good Christmas gift. You can buy funny ones or just simple elegant ones, depending on the person who you are going to give them to. On Etsy, you can get customised luggage tags, with names or initials. One of my favourites on Etsy is the shop: CGenius. I just love this shops luggage tags and passport holders with Disney.

CGENIUS Passpost Holder and Luggage tag. Taken from CGENIUS SHOP on ETSY.

Other Passport Holders and Luggage tags can you find about everywhere. Even some grocery stores have them.

And for those long flights, a traveller might like to have a sleep mask. You can buy a normal one coloured one or a more funny one. I will show three examples of funnier ones. 

Unicorn Sleep Mask from Etsyshop: GlossvintSleep
Picture taken from GlossvintSleep.

Sleep Mask from Coolstuff. Picture taken from
Sleepmask from Etsyshop: JungleGiftStore. Picture taken from JungleGiftStore

Another good present for the traveller is a Scratch Map so she/he can scratch where they have been. Bluebox has two different types: Scratch Map Original or Scratch Map Deluxe. IWOOT has a few different ones. Check them out here.

Scratch Map Deluxe from Bluebox. Picture was taken from here.

And to my last gift idea. Cases and bags from Bag-all. They have bags and cases for all you can possibly need. Shoebags for your bag, cases for make-up and so much more. And they are beautiful too. Another big plus is that you keep your things organized. 

Picture taken from Bag-All-Journal

Other gift ideas can be: Powerbanks, wireless headphones and travel journals.

Hope you liked my gift ideas. And to clarify this was not a sponsored ad. I just thought what I would want and what my friends that travel a lot say they like. SO NOT AN AD.